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A wood floored living room with books cut into the word "BIRD", a hanging plant, and poem collages.

Chapter Two: The Mechanization of Humans

A pre-recorded video presentation for the WGSC conference next month over the second chapter of my dissertation on the "mechanization of humans" :

This second chapter of my dissertation is a tactic of practical dissent, taking the form of one (of three total) feminist histographies in said project which elucidate my liberatory embodied new research paradigm. My overall dissertation is an examination of traditional gendered discourses surrounding the ends and means of sexuality, the emerging role of digital sexual technologies in purported sexual empowerment, and the socio-material aspects which revolve around these technologies, sexual media, and sexual discourses. In media ecological form, and with a critical feminist sensibility, in this chapter I histographically documented foundational happenings of what I refer to as the "mechanization of humans" that has occurred since United States origin.

This presentation is part of the UW System Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium April 2022 Conference, “Centering Resistance: Imaginings of New Feminist Future.” Learn more here:



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