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A painting of the back of a person with a pink flower blooming head.
Dr. bird smiling in a black top with lace arms and purple framed glasses

Dr. Bernadette "bird" Bowen

Hello and welcome to my personal website.

My interests intersect the broad fields of critical and feminist theories, with an eye towards the ideological struggle between institutions, gender, and media ecology.

Alongside a handful of colleagues since 2019, I have helped spearhead a critical feminist wave of media ecology that incorporates cultural studies. I further exemplify my personal critical media ecological framework in my dissertation and publications since finishing my PhD. I am also a content creator and have written a memoir series about mass neuroqueer self-realizations happening in the algorthmic envirusment (environment + virus). New poetry book Hindsight of Twenty/20s now available on Kindle and print. Soon available on Google Play, most major retailers where books are sold, and eventually, audiobook.
What you see here differs depending on which medium (computer/device) you choose to view it from. In other words, the medium is the message of who I am here.

Business inquires (sponsorship, collaboration, consulting, copywriting, guest lectures, keynotes, etc.)? Let's set up a time to chat.



Sociology, B.A.
Purdue University Calumet


Communication, M.A.
Purdue University Northwest


Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Certficate
Bowling Green State University


Media & Communication, PhD
Bowling Green State University

Minor, Communication.

Communication. Focus on rhetoric, interpersonal communication, critical media and cultural studies.

Advisor: Dr. Lee Artz. Graduate Committee: Drs. Catherine M. Gillotti & Thomas J. Roach

Capstone Advisor: Dr. Sandra Faulkner

Emphasis Critical Media Studies & Rhetoric. Focuses: critical feminist rhetoric, intercultural communication, media and cultural studies, media

ecology, and arts-based qualitative research methods.

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Gorsevski. Dissertation Committee: Drs. Terry L. Rentner, Lara Martin Lengel, & Kristina Nell LaVenia. Dissertation Title: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: Sexual Ecologies in the Algorithmic Age.

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