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“She was very helpful, and clear even though there was many demands. Very clear and always got back to emails.” 

—  Fall 18' Public Speaking Student


Hello and welcome to my personal website.

My name is Dr. Bernadette "bird" Bowen. My background is in Sociology, and my masters is in Communication. Most recently, I earned a PhD in Media and Communication, and a BGSU Women, Gender, Sexualities Studies certificate.

My interests intersect the broad fields of critical and feminist theories, with an eye towards the ideological struggle between institutions, gender, and media ecology.

Alongside a handful of colleagues since 2019, I have helped spearhead a critical feminist wave of media ecology that incorporates cultural studies, further exemplifying my personal critical media ecological framework. I am also a content creator and have written a memoir series about mass neuroqueer self-realizations happening in the algorthmic envirusment.

Please feel free to click and explore around my website. There's much to see.
What you see here differs depending on which medium (computer/smartphone) you choose to view it from. In other words, the medium is the message of who I am here.

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B.A. Sociology

M.A. Communication

Ph.D Media & Communication


Bernadette "bird"
Bowen,  PhD

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A MEA tweet with a pic of Bernadette behind a podium that reads "the next gen. of media ecologists!"


March 29th, 2019

Womens, Gender, Sexuality Studies Graduate Essay Contest - First Place

A chapbook of poems called: From Boys to Men

May 10th, 2019

Bowling Green State University, School of Media & Communication, Harold & Elaine Fisher Graduate Award

Best student-authored refereed article published or conference paper presented during the year preceding the award by a student who has demonstrated continuing academic excellence.

June 29th, 2019

Media Ecology Association Convention Top Paper Award

Best anonymously peer-reviewed paper presented during the 2019 MEA convention for The role of Sassy Socialist Memes in Leftbook

March 6th, 2020

Womens, Gender, Sexuality Studies Graduate Art Contest - Second Place

A chapbook of poems called: One Man

Bernadette behind a computer podium presenting at a conference in a room within the BGSU library.
Poetry Chapbooks

Opening Remarks


Media Ecology 


Convention 2020


   Sexual Ecologies                                              Poetry Philosophy

Virtual MEA 2020
An old wood floor covered in 14 of Bernadette's award winning BGSU WGSS 2019 poetry collages.
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